The Dangers Of The Improper Use Of Decorative Contact Lenses – One Lady’s Story

When it comes to eyewear convenience is an advantage that consumers find appealing. However, when this convenience comes with the sacrifice of your own eye health many people would agree that this is certainly not a good trade off at all. This relates to purchasing decorative colored contact lenses from a beauty shop or a Halloween gift store rather than a trained eye care specialist who can give you a prescription and guide you in the proper hygienic care and use of contact lenses. Here is a true story about a lady who regretted buying her colored contact lenses from a retail outlet. We will refer to her as Jane Doe. Jane paid about 30 dollars for her colored decorative contact lenses. Unfortunately, she also ended up with an expensive hospital bill totaling $2,000 and almost completely lost her eyesight. Here are the full details of her true story here:

Jane wanted to try something different for a change. She thought it would be a fun experience to buy colored decorative contact lenses to enhance her appearance. So, she bought a pair of blue contact lenses from a souvenir shop. The contact lenses did not include any instructions whatsoever nor did it include cleaning instructions for the proper hygienic use and eye care of the lenses.

She tried the contact lenses on and at first they felt fine. However, she soon noticed that she had to keep readjusting them constantly with her finger as they kept moving around in her eyes. On the drive home, the next day, she suddenly felt an excruciating pain in her left eye. The pain was so unbearable that she had to pull over to the side of the road.

She had a difficult time removing the contacts from her eyes. It took her about 20 minutes to do so. When the contacts were in her eyes she likened the experience to having a pair of suction cups stuck to her eyes. She drove home in excruciating pain.

Jane made an emergency trip to the E.R and an ophthalmologist gave a diagnosis of the problem. She said to the doctor: “It was as if someone took sandpaper and sanded my cornea.” She said. The doctor explained the seriousness of the situation. He maintained that the lady was lucky because she could have lost her eyesight or even the affected eye.

Jane saw her ophthalmologist every day for 10 days and was under his care for seven weeks. Jane said: “He took really good care of me and I didn’t get an infection.” she said. “But the pain was agonizing. I used to lie on the floor and roll back and forth in a fetal position for hours.”

This incident had a negative effect on Jane’s eyesight as she couldn’t see clearly enough to drive for eight weeks. She also suffered from a droopy eyelid problem for a 5 month period. To this day she still has decreased vision in the affected eye.

So what is the moral of this story? Well, Jane found out that she could have saved herself a lot of money and aggravation just by buying those same contacts from a trained eye care professional. If she did so she would have saved herself $2,000 worth of hospital bills. If she bought those same contact lenses from an optometrist she would have paid 50 dollars for the same 2 sets of colored contact lenses. Additionally, the eye exam would have cost her only 60 dollars.

The lesson learned here is the fact that if you are buying decorative colored contact lenses get them from a trained eye care professional like an optometrist and not a novelty or regular retail store. This will ensure that you use your contact lenses safely without sacrificing your eye health. This is due to the fact that novelty stores will not provide cleaning solutions for your lenses. This can result in eye health hazards such as the spread of bacterial infections in the eyes that can lead to blindness. Even though decorative contact lenses are not considered vision correction lenses they are still regulated by the FDA and pose the same eye health hazards as regular contact lenses. That’s the case when they are not purchased under the supervision of a trained eye doctor. Also, if you purchase these decorative lenses at a retail store this outlet will not provide an eye exam that will determine the correct size and fit of these lenses for your eyes and this can result in serious eye injuries.

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